How to join the Partners Program ?

Jump in the Partners Program following the step-by-step

1 - Discover The Sandbox ecosystem

2 - Pass the tests

  • To be recognized as an official Partner and be listed in The Sandbox Partners Directory (released in Q1 2023), you need to pass 2 tests : 1 Level Design, 1 Avatar & asset test.
  • Fill the form. You will receive an email with :
    • The link to download the tests & guidelines.
    • The link to upload your completed tests.
    Note that you have 1 week to complete the 2 tests, starting from the form completion date.
  • The Sandbox team reviews the tests every quarter and will come back to you at the beginning of the following quarter.

3 - Join the Partners Program

Once you pass the test, fill this form with the information which will appear in The Sandbox Partners Directory and a mandatory KYB. Note that you’ll be able to update your information in the future; we’re working on making those elements directly editable from your side.

4 - Grow with the Resources Hub